Sunday, March 10, 2013

Blog Introduction

Poe, my fuzzy companion.
Credit: Cathrine Davis
Hello friends! 
My name is Joseph Gagné and I am a historian. I also happen to be the owner of a fuzzy little friend named Poe (after Edgar Allan Poe, not the Teletubby...).
I'm amazed to see how little there is blog-wise on cats through history. Hence, I've decided to start my own! By no means do I intend on being exhaustive with my posts (this is simply a part-time hobby, after all!), but I do tend to stumble on cat-oriented historical tidbits every once in a while that I believe deserve a good home on the net. 
As any good historian knows, the true key to good research is networking and so, I do ask of my readership to please send in any cool news or findings they might have stumbled upon, as well as any corrections to any past posts. I predict most of what will be posted here will be gleaned off of source-less websites and would really appreciate it if anyone can point me to the proper origins of any images they might recognize.
Here's to wishing this blog success! 

The author and his stowaway.
Credit: Cathrine Davis

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